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Garmin Go Beyond Campaign
Television, Marketing Collateral and Print

Garmin products are not for the ordinary. They are for the explorers, the boundary pushers, the less than ordinary person seeking an adventure. I used this insight for the "Go Beyond" campaign; not only did the campaign line target those unique individuals, it also communicated that Garmin goes beyond personal navigation devices with products for golf, aeronautics and fitness categories.

Nestlé Winter Campaign
Shelf Defenders, Posters and Product Kiosk Displays

The brief from Nestlé South Africa was to own winter and showcase their wide range of hot beverages. I created a campaign using a personal insight of how we all have a special mug. In each execution the imagery highlighted a peek into that person's character by the mug they were holding, while the contents in the mug as well as the campaign line "My Mug and Me just add Nestlé" showcased the products.

Nestlé Aero Let It Go Promotion
Print and Digital

To increase Nestlé product sales and capture consumer data, I created the “Let It Go with Nestlé Aero” campaign based on the Yi Peng Lantern Festival held in Thailand. This festival is iconic for thousands of paper lanterns adorned with written messages being released into the sky; like the floating lanterns, Aero’s bubbly texture makes you want to float away in your chocolate moment. The Nestlé Aero campaign allowed consumers to let their problems go on a dedicated website with the chance of winning a trip to Thailand.

Studio People Creative Recruitment Agency

Studio People was an advertising-related recruitment company. Knowing the audience would be creative people, I and my Art Director at the time, created a comic treatment that characterised common advertising agency stereotypes as grotesque, monstrous creatures. Through the illustrated style of classic horror comic books I wrote the copy to help dramatisethe concept. This campaign won a South African Silver Eagle Award in 2013.

Garmin Fitness Campaign
Through-the-line campaign

The “Glory” campaign helped champion Garmin Fitness as a brand who dares to push forward, unapologetically. I, together with my Art Director at the time, harnessed the power of inner struggle as the core idea; using the campaign line I created “Glory is not a destination. It’s a journey” we took that journey with our television ad into a tri-athletes mind as he experiences inner turmoil while completing a marathon. The television campaign easily extended into print and in-store executions helping increase Garmin Fitness sales from 0% - 27% in its first month of flighting.

Dulux Weatherguard Catalogue

Any FMCG retailer knows that when selling products to the trade and consumers the good ole trade presenter is the best communication device.

In that it has been around for ages bares testament to this effective marketing tool. But, with all things marketing, it must contain copy that is compelling, uncluttered and to-the-point.

I’ve written marketing collateral for Dulux trade, Pick ‘n Pay retail, Altech Autopage, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C.